About the ITSM Scoping Workshop

Begin your ITSM Improvement Project with CybiantSTART – The trusted ITSM Scoping Workshop. With just a 1-Day Workshop, we’ll visualize the health of your ITSM Processes, and recommend opportunities for improvement.

Workshop Objectives

The CybiantSTART® ITSM Scoping Workshop prepares organizations that intend to start an ITSM Improvement Project:

  • Tangible Results: ITSM Strategic Improvement Roadmap;
  • Quick validation of overall ITSM process maturity and governance controls;
  • Includes Pre-Workshop Change Readiness Assessment;
  • Professional start of any ITSM Improvement Project.

Customer Requirements

Your organization is considering to upgrade its ITSM processes or replace its ITSM legacy tool. In order to achieve this, your organization wants to conduct an ITSM scoping workshop to develop an ITSM strategic improvement roadmap.

The CybiantSTART® assessment is a standardized workshop that will provide quick insight into the current state of the ITSM organizations for scoping purposes.

Engagement Description

In order to prepare an IT Service Management (ITSM) program plan, a Cybiant consultant will conduct a roadmap-planning workshop with the ITSM program leadership team and other key program, project and process stakeholders.

The consultant will work with the client over a 1-day period to develop a Roadmap plan for the continued development of the ITSM initiative and the development of an overall ITSM implementation strategy. The roadmap workshop will leverage the outcomes of the Vision and Strategy workshop or pre-work assignments as input for the planning tasks. We highly recommend that participants plan to attend all phases of the workshop.

The workshop also includes pre-workshop assignments. The pre-workshop assignments include(s):

  • Completing an online survey tool that facilitates a review of 22 factors Cybiant has identified as vital to programs and projects similar in nature and scope to Client’s ITSM program.
  • Developing a list of attributes (People, Process, Product and Partner) that could describe the Vision state for the Client. The Vision exercise will be used as input for the Process Plan.
  • Collecting and bringing all required process documentation, relating to ITIL Processes and the Service Catalogue.
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Workshop Activities 

The workshop will focus on initiating and completing some or all of the elements of the following key plans or documents required to move the ITSM initiative forward.   

  1. Process Plan: A high-level multiple-stage process roadmap. 
  2. Communication Plan: A plan focused on identifying effective communication approaches, key roles, target audiences, key messages, different media to use for communication, and methods to determine the effectiveness of the communication
  3. Training Plan:  Stakeholder Identification for various training types and levels required to support the ITSM journey. The training plan will focus on identifying when specific training should be delivered by mapping types and levels of training to process and functional roles
  4. Organizational Change Plan: A plan to identify the key activities required to change behavior and gain the adoption of new or modified processes and the ITSM Tool 
  5. Governance Plan: A plan to identify Process Governance Guiding Principles, Key Roles, and the Process Governance Organization, 
  6. ITSM Tool Plan: This plan discusses the requirements for understanding existing tool capability, identification of process and integration requirements that will drive tool requirements, configuring of the ITSM tool and testing of the ITSM tool
  7. Program Charter– This charter outlines the rational, the ITSM program outcomes and anticipated program challenges that could effect program outcomes. 

Duration and Planning

  • This workshop takes 1 day in duration
  • Please contact Cybiant to discuss planning options and further details regarding logistics, invitation of participants


Case Study

Cybiant has supported many of the world’s most leading organizations on their ITSM Improvement initiatives. In every one of these cases, the project was started with the CybiantSTART Scoping Workshop.

The Cybiant Scoping Workshop provided organizations such as Deloitte, Tata Steel, Toyota and EY with the information they needed to kickstart their ITSM Service Improvement projects. Read more about our case studies, or contact us to become one.


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