Process Mining: How to Identify Automation Opportunities?

Process Mining: How to Identify Automation Opportunities?

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Automation enables organizations to do work faster, cheaper, and with higher levels of accuracy than ever before. Although the benefits of automation are clear, many organizations find it difficult to identify the automation potential of their organization. Which processes would be suitable for automation? And are the costs of automation technology proportional to the benefits?

In this webinar, RPA consultant Mike Lim will share how organizations can structurally identify automation opportunities. He will explain the basic indicators of processes that have ‘automation potential,’ and outline a structured method that will help any organization to prioritize their automation efforts. Additionally, Mike will discuss how organizations can leverage Process Mining, the ongoing employee-driven approach to identify automation opportunities.

Join this webinar to learn about the following topics:

• Discovering Automation Potential
• What is a swivel-chair process?
• Key characteristics of an ‘automatable’ process
• How to prioritize automation potential
• The concept of process mining
• Enabling a process mining culture.


Mike Lim is a Robotic Process Automation Consultant at Cybiant with an academic background in Computer and Network Engineering. He has more than 11 years of experience in Solution Design & Delivery, Process Improvement, as well as extensive experience in the design and implementation of automation processes and RPA tools. He is passionate about supporting business processes to run in an efficiently and effectively manner. He has helped multinational organizations with the design of complex automation projects, across various technologies.


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