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Jeremy Chia | Business Development Manager in Cybiant

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World Bank PPP Capacity Building

World Bank Project

PPP Capacity Building for ECOWAS

In July 2021, Cybiant was selected as the training provider for the World Bank to provide the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Capacity Building Training for the ECOWAS Region.



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“The blended learning approach with a combination of virtual training and a self-paced e-learning platform offered by Cybiant provided an excellent platform for training in PPP fundamentals and enabled technical expertise and knowledge sharing about PPPs at the government level. The training sessions were interactive and the trainers were able to provide specialist knowledge on PPP best practices.”

Zainab, ADB Pakistan

“Coordinating between all the participants was logistically challenging. The CybiantLMS really provided an outcome for this. Through the LMS, everyone could participate, make progress on their own, or watch back a recording if they were not able to follow the training live. I am quite certain that the training would have great difficulties organizing this program without Cybiant. They did an excellent job.”

World Bank

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