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Service Overview

The Public-Private Partnerships Framework Design service is specifically crafted to cater to the needs of government entities seeking to collaborate with the private sector for strategic projects and services. This service equips governments with the tools and expertise necessary to establish robust PPP frameworks that enable effective collaboration, leverage private sector resources, and achieve public policy objectives.

In an era where governments face complex challenges and limited resources, the Public-Private Partnerships Framework Design service empowers public sector organizations to harness the capabilities of private enterprises. This service entails the meticulous design and development of comprehensive frameworks that lay out the terms, roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations of both public and private partners. These frameworks foster a conducive environment for streamlined project execution, innovation infusion, and transparent governance.

Why Governments Need a PPP Framework

Governments should consider the PPP Framework Design consulting support for the following reasons:

  • Resource Optimization: Government entities often encounter resource constraints, making it challenging to execute large-scale projects efficiently. A well-designed PPP framework allows governments to tap into the expertise, capital, and technological advancements of the private sector, thus accelerating project implementation and maximizing resource utilization.
  • Risk Sharing: Complex projects inherently carry risks. By entering into a partnership, governments can distribute risks between public and private partners, ensuring that each party contributes its specialized knowledge to identify, mitigate, and manage potential pitfalls effectively.
  • Innovation Injection: The private sector is known for its innovation capabilities. Collaborating with private enterprises infuses innovative ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and creative solutions into public projects. This leads to the creation of infrastructure and services that are technologically advanced, cost-effective, and better aligned with the evolving needs of citizens.
  • Accountability Enhancement: A well-structured PPP framework delineates clear roles, responsibilities, and performance metrics for both partners. This heightened accountability fosters transparency, ensuring that project milestones are met and stakeholders are engaged in a constructive manner.
  • Economic Growth and Employment: Public-private partnerships are potent drivers of economic growth and job creation. By attracting private investments, these partnerships stimulate economic activity, generate employment opportunities, and bolster local economies.

Scope of Service

The PPP Framework Design service equips governments with the strategic prowess needed to establish successful collaborations with the private sector. By crafting structured frameworks that allocate responsibilities, manage risks, and uphold transparency, governments can efficiently execute projects, promote innovation, and advance economic growth. This service ensures that public policy objectives are met through sustainable partnerships that leverage the strengths of both sectors, resulting in infrastructure development, enhanced service delivery, and overall societal advancement.

Together with the client, Cybiant will work to determine a final scope of service. Typical components in the service scope of PPP Framework Design include:

  • PPP Project Identification Policies: Identification of suitable projects that align with governmental objectives and priorities.
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework Design: Examination of existing legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure alignment with PPP structures and recommendations for necessary modifications.
  • Capacity Building: The establishment of a PPP Framework contributes to building capacity about PPP contracting models. The framework design service includes training on PPPs or specific framework related workshops.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Model: Identification and engagement of relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, private companies, community groups, and financing institutions.
  • Risk Assessment: Comprehensive assessment of potential risks and development of strategies for effective risk management.
  • Financial Structuring: Determination of funding mechanisms, financing options, and revenue-sharing arrangements to achieve financial sustainability.
  • Governance Model: Design of a governance model outlining decision-making processes, responsibilities, and communication channels.
  • Performance Metrics: Definition of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure project success, service quality, and societal impact.
  • Legal Agreements: Development of legally sound agreements, including contracts and Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), outlining the terms and conditions of the partnership.

Given the nature and complexity of these advisory assignments, a scope is always determined in collaboration with the Procuring Authority.


Deliverables of this engagement include:

  • PPP Framework Document: A comprehensive framework document detailing the partnership’s structure, roles, responsibilities, governance, and financing arrangements.
  • Risk Assessment Report: A detailed report highlighting identified risks and proposing strategies for risk management.
  • Financial Structuring Plan: A plan detailing financing options, funding mechanisms, and revenue-sharing models.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy: A strategy for effectively engaging and communicating with relevant stakeholders throughout the partnership lifecycle.
  • Governance Model: A governance model specifying decision-making processes, dispute resolution mechanisms, and communication protocols.
  • Performance Measurement Plan: A plan defining KPIs, metrics, and reporting mechanisms to monitor project progress and assess outcomes.

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