Agile Transformation Strategy

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Service Overview

The Agile Transformation Strategy service offered by Cybiant is a comprehensive service that helps organizations design and implement an effective Agile transformation strategy and develop a roadmap for its implementation.

The service takes into account the organization’s culture, business goals and objectives to design a strategy that aligns the Agile transformation initiatives with business needs and enhances overall business performance and maximizes ROI. It then creates a roadmap to guide the organization through the implementation process and ensure the success of the strategy.


  • Enhance overall business agility and performance.
  • Drive successful Agile transformation initiatives.
  • Alignment of Agile transformation strategy and business goals.
  • Successful adoption of the Agile way of working within your teams or organization.

Service Approach

Cybiant’s holistic Agile transformation strategy design and implementation focuses on 4 main areas:

  1. Leadership and Culture – Focus on the people aspects such as behaviors, decision making styles, mindset, communication among the employees and performance management.
  2. Structure – Focus on the roles and responsibilities, reporting structure, project structure and overall governance.
  3. Processes and practices – Introduce Agile practices and tools to promote agility and help solve complex problems. Redesign processes and remove bureaucratic bottlenecks to ensure seamless process across the organization.
  4. Technology – Utilize supporting system and the right technology tools to support Agile way of working and improve delivery pipeline.


The deliverables of the Agile Transformation Strategy Design and Roadmap Development service offered by Cybiant typically include:

  1. Agile Strategy Document: This document will describe the overall Agile strategy that has been designed for the organization. It will outline the goals and objectives of the strategy, the processes and practices that will be implemented, and the techniques and tools that will be used.
  2. Agile Transformation Roadmap: This document will provide a detailed plan for implementing the Agile transformation strategy. It will outline the steps that need to be taken, the resources that will be required, and the timeline for implementation.

The deliverables from the Agile Transformation Strategy Design and Roadmap Development service will provide the organization with a clear understanding of the Agile transformation strategy that has been designed and the steps that need to be taken to implement it successfully. The documentation, engagement activities, and ongoing support provided by the Cybiant team will help to ensure that the subsequent implementation is successful and that the Agile transformation strategy continues to provide value to the organization over time.

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