Agile Procurement Workshop

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Workshop Description

In Agile Developments (which originate primarily from the IT domain), not all requirements are specified at the beginning of the project, but these requirements are further refined in an integrative and incremental approach throughout the project. Because of the nature of agile practices, different procurement and contract management practices are required. Cybiant’s Agile Procurement Workshop help participants learn some of the agile practices that can be adopted for procurement and contract management. The workshop is based upon the official accredited Agile Business Consortium “Agile Project Management” AgilePM® certification program.


  • Enable faster decision-making and shorten project timelines
  • Improve communication and relationship with supplier
  • Improve procurement workflows and processes
  • Achieve better procurement outcomes

Workshop Objectives

The Agile Procurement Workshop will help the participants understand:

  • Agile principles and practices
  • The difference between Agile and traditional procurement and contract management.
  • Agile practices, techniques and tools for procurement and contract management.
  • Agile techniques for effective stakeholder management and supplier communication.
  • How to draft an Agile contract

Workshop Details

  • Duration: 1 day or 2 days
  • Format: The workshop adopts a “learning-by-doing” approach and uses real business scenarios to help participants apply the concepts they will learn during the workshop.
  • Number of participants: 6 – 18
  • Certificate: A certificate of completion will be provided for each participant.

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