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Service Overview

Agile implementation can be difficult as it requires the organization to adopt new ways of thinking and working. Furthermore, many organizations do not have individuals that possessed the experience to lead and guide a successful Agile adoption or transformation initiative. Thus, Cybiant is offering Agile coaching service to help organizations overcome some of those challenges. For companies that are interested to introduce agile in their organization, Cybiant’s agile coach can assist the organization to adopt agile practices and methods and embed the agile mindset within the organization. For companies that are looking to scale agile, Cybiant’s agile coach can help to establish guidelines, culture, practices and templates in order to better support an enterprise-wide adoption in a more structured manner.


  • Accurately understand the Agile methodologies and concepts.
  • Drive Agile transformation and adoption initiatives successfully.
  • Alignment of Agile practices and business goals.
  • Build competency and skills of the employees to become a self-organizing Agile team/organization.
  • Manage, coordinate and remove impediments for the organization’s Agile adoption journey.

Service Approach

Cybiant will assign an experienced Agile coach to assist your organization to achieve the requirements and business goals. The Agile coach will assist the team to review the practices, ceremonies, communication & collaboration tools, governance mechanisms and project deliverables. Based on that, the agile coach will provide practical recommendations and work with the team to help the team learn the right and suitable approach and practices to adopt the agile mindset within the organization.


  1. Report: A comprehensive report that outlines the findings during the engagement with the agile team(s), activities, including strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Roadmap: A detailed plan for improving Agile capabilities, including the key improvement initiatives, and the timeline for implementation.
  3. Executive Summary: A high-level summary of the engagement that can be used to communicate the transformation journey and outcome to the senior management.

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