Webinar: How to Conduct a Big Data Maturity Assessment

Most organizations are aware that Big Data provides long-term value to their organization. But where to start? In order to be successful with Big Data, there is more required than just technology. Architecture, processes and, maybe most importantly, skills are critical to achieve long-term success. In this session, we will discuss how you can conduct a Big Data maturity assessment, based on the capability model of the Enterprise Big Data Framework. We will look at the structure of the framework, and how you can measure maturity in your organization. We will end the webinar with discussing a number of ‘quick-wins’ that you can take to increase the capabilities in your own organization.

The model helps organisations structure their goals and processes around their Big Data capabilities and aid in realising business objectives. The stages in a BDM assessment depict the various ways in which data can be used in an organization and is one of the key tools to monitor the progress of an organization’s big data initiatives.

This webinar is free, which means that you do not have to pay for it. It is an opportunity for an educational experience and if you have any questions concerning Big Data Maturity, you will have the chance to do so during the webinar. This means that it is also an interactive experience where you can have your questions directly answered by the founder of Cybiant himself.

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This session will cover:

– 30 minutes webinar
– 10 minutes Q&A

More information on the Big Data course.

Presenter of this webinar: Jan-Willem Middelburg • CEO

Jan-Willem Middleburg, founder of Cybiant